Color Addict (VA)
Color Addict (VA)
Color Addict (VA)

Color Addict (VA)

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In Color Addict, there are 110 cards where the color names are written but not necessarily the color of the background of this card. So if It is written the word "blue" in red, you will tend to read "red" and not "blue." The object is to get rid of his card by matching one of his written word of the color with the color on card's background on the table. And the task is not so easy as you might think, since in addition, other players can be faster than you and change the game. Some wildcards are multicolored. 

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Age: 7 years and over Playing Time: 15 minutes
Players: 2 to 6 Langue: English
Game mechanics
Cards - Rapidity
Nicolas Bernard

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