Viticulture (VA)
Viticulture (VA)

Viticulture (VA)

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The art of wine on your table!

Learn about the art of wine production! Start with a few workers and an old wine press. On a vineyard, each season is different. With the help of your workers, and a few often very useful visitors, cultivate your land and hire labor according to the seasons in order to produce quality wines. You will need to obtain grape varieties, plant vines, construct buildings, harvest and press grapes, constantly recruit new workers, make blends or fulfill an order for a customer.

Between management and placement of workers, Viticulture takes you to the heart of a vineyard, where you will have to constantly optimize your strategy and keep an eye on that of your opponents.


Age: 14 years and over Playing Time:  60 minutes
Players: 1 to 6 Langue: English
Game mecanims
Contracts - Hand Management - Worker Placement
Jamey Stegmaier - Alan Stone


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