Onitama (VA)
Onitama (VA)

Onitama (VA)

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Carved into the rocks of the misty mountains of old Japan resides the Altar of Onitama.

This place of purification and subtle training of the mind hosts martial arts schools from all over the country. The masters of these schools make the journey to Onitama with their most promising disciples in order to face their adversaries in this sacred enclosure and prove their superiority.

These fights are out of this world as the animal spirits that guide the fighters show their way to the masters and support the students with otherworldly strength and dexterity. Each turn, the active player will have to move one of his disciples according to the movement allowed by his card. When a player manages to capture his opponent's main pawn or move into his temple, that player wins the game.


Age: 14 years and over Playing Time: 15 minutes
Players: 2 Langue: English
Game mecanims
Territory Control - Hand Management - Grid Mouvement
Shimpei Ssato

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