Ark Nova (VA)

Ark Nova (VA)

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It's time to build your dream zoo!

In ARK NOVA, you plan and build a modern, scientifically managed zoo. You create enclosures, house animals and support species protection projects around the world to build the most attractive zoo. Specialists and special constructions will help you achieve this goal.

The core of the game consists of approximately 250 cards with animals, specialists, special enclosures and species protection projects, each with a particular ability. They allow you to increase the attractiveness and academic reputation of your zoo and collect species protection points. To carry out your projects, you each have a set of Action cards that allow you to control the course of the game.


Age: 14 years and over Playing Time: 90 to 150 minutes
Players: 1 to 4  Langue: English
Game mecanims
Ressources Management - Development - Hand Management
Mathias Wigge
Feuerland Spiele


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